Air Age Advanced Aerobatics Made Easy DVD

  • High definition
  • Features demonstrations by national champion John Glezellis
  • Picks up where Aerobatics Made Easy left off
This high-definition DVD is our hottest yet and includes every maneuver you need to know to become an advanced airshow pilot. Plus, national aerobatic champion John Glezellis demonstrates competition-level 3D moves that will floor you. Advanced Aerobatics Made Easy picks up where our first Aerobatics Made Easy DVD left off. Advanced maneuvers such as 8-point rolls, the sharks tooth, inverted harriers and much more are all here and captured in high definition including in-flight footage for a from-the-cockpit point of view. John’s step-by-step pro setup tips, flight instructions and 3D secrets will make you the local hotshot pilot.

Product Description

Advanced Aerobatics Made Easy DVD

Air Age


Air age advanced aerobatics made easy dvd1 Air Age Advanced Aerobatics Made Easy DVD