Air Hogs Switchblade 27 MH Black

  • Comes with an RF controller, plug-in charger, extra propellers, and a built in LIPO battery for extreme power and performance.
  • 2 amazing flyers in 1!
  • Wing span of 17″ (43cm)
  • Hover like a UFO, fly like a plane!
  • Great for the backyard or park

Junior aviators will enjoy flying the Air Hogs Switchblade, a unique remote-control plane that hovers like a UFO and flies like a jet. Designed for ages ten and older, this marvel-of-the-skies transforms in midair with the push of a “morph” button that propels it forward from a hovering position with incredible velocity. Ideal for play in a neighborhood park or spacious backyard, kids can put on a show with this remote control plane.

So, I have gotten my son almost every air hog there is and all the flying ones stink. This is the first one that actually flies somewhat decently, however, we had to go play with it on a football field. You need a lot of room…..I mean A LOT of room. First let me say that I found this to be very durable. This dropped easily 50 feet into the hard dirt many times and it still works (they do give you extra parts). If you are unfortunate enough to break the styrofoam, you are done. I was unable to get a launch with the launch holder but was very successful with a manual launch. A word of caution here: although it is styrofoam, beware, this is a dangerous toy. The props are quite strong and caught the inside of my palm that almost gave me a two inch cut. Though it did not break the skin, my hands are fairly tough, and I believe it would have easily cut through softer skin, especially a childs. I would keep children close and behind you in case you need to deflect it. Some words of advice for an easier launch, send it up in a twist (it’s actually fun to let it climb and try to make it hover) then press the mode button when it is at least 30 feet up and then practice steering. Try to find a big field, because it will hit the hardest when it is in flying mode (versus the twisting helicopter type mode). I don’t know how easy it would be for a 10 year old, as I had to take a lot of time to get even basic controls working. The worst part is that once you get fairly comfortable the battery dies out and you need to recharge it. That’s frustrating. Those are all worth a total deduction of 2 stars. Still, it is fun, and your kids will love it (if they can get it out of your hands). Do not use this in windy conditions as the wind will just take it away or send it crashing down.

Air hogs switchblade mh black1 Air Hogs Switchblade 27 MH Black