Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis Select Scale RTF RC Airplane Review

  • FEATURES: Aero Cell foam with pre-applied decals Wing: Two piece Lights: LED navigation and landing lights on wing
  • INCLUDES: Fly Zone RTR Cessna 350 Corvallis, brushless motor, ESC, radio, battery charger, propeller, photo illustrated instruction manual
  • REQUIRES: Pliers and Phillips screwdriver
  • SPECS: Wingspan: 57 (1450mm) Wing Area: 362 sq in (23.3) sq dm RTF Weight: 2.25lbs (1020g)

If the nose gear wasn’t so delicate, the Corvalis would be a real winner. Highs: pleasing design, long flight time, scale accuracy, nice decals, lights and quality foam construction. Lows: fragile nose gear. The fragile nose gear is what cancels the whole airplane’s value and replacing it only leaves you with the same liability.

I do not recommend this plane for a newbie or even someone with some experience. A less than perfect landing will damage the nose gear beyond repair. Uneven grass (bumpy) will eventually break the nose gear as well. A replacement kit is available but you have to slice the cowl open to do the repair AND you still have the problem again. Additionally, the servo may be damaged in the process.

Seriously, search the RC forums about this. Be sure you have a radio with high/low rates.

Update – After 20 flights, the nose gear needs to be replaced. This is a real problem based on the talk on RC Groups. To repair the nose gear, you have to cut away the fuselage to do it. Instead, I bought a new fuse for $47.00 (included shipping). I tried removing the vinyl decals off my old fuse but guess what? The decal shredded as I tried to remove it! That’s $14.99 plus shipping.

Flyzone cessna corvalis select scale rtf rc airplane review1 Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis Select Scale RTF RC Airplane Review