Great Planes Extra 300 EP RTF Park Flyer Review


In a word – JUNK. Stick with Horizon Hobby products.
I bought the Cox Extra 300 from Tower Hobbies in June.
The first one arrived seriously twisted (Main wing out of alignment with horizontal stabilizer by 3/8″
They agreed that this was not an assembly error and replaced the plane.
The second one turned up with inoperative aileron servos.
They replaced it (now it is August)
The third one worked on arrival, but all servos were VERY sloppy. The plane flew, but was very clumsy.
After two flights, the elevator servo gave up.
I am an experienced RC flier – I have 6 other planes, which fly fine.
There is not even a place to write a review on Tower Hobbies.
Thank Amazon for their fine review facility! (I buy LOTS from Amazon)

I just took the cox extra 300 out for the first time. It was perhaps a little breezier that the 5MPH recommended, but not much. It was a lot of fun but there are some downsides.

It was difficult to get the trim right (i.e. control surfaces adjusted). Particularly because the battery compartment is about 4 times larger than the battery, allowing for a wide range of positions which could significantly affect the pitch (up and down) control. I think I will install some foam before I fly again to keep the battery in place.

While the flex foam is indeed durable(survived numerous crashes), and the prop survived all “incidents” other components are not as tough.
The plastic tab that holds the back of the wing in place came loose several times (just tucked it back in place though)
After several nose-in crashes, the seam in the between body halves in the nose split and the motor slipped out of place. (again, I just pulled it back into place. The split was repaired with a bit of string tied around the nose. Some tape would have worked well too.)
The battery cover popped off repeatedly.
I did eventually manage to put a crack in the fuselage after a rather rough angled crash. (a bit of tape or glue would have fixed this too, but I did not have any with me)

Overall, a bit hard to control, but fun. I was getting better by the time I ran the first battery down. As with any foam plane, you can break it if you try, but the foam itself was more durable than most. Definitely fly in calm weather like the instructions say.

Great planes extra ep rtf park flyer review1 Great Planes Extra 300 EP RTF Park Flyer Review