Great Planes Real Flight Basic Flight Simulator Mode 2


The perfect simulator experience for entry-level pilots Basic RealFlight 6-channel controller Choose from 47 aircraft, 12 helicopters and 6 PhotoField flying sites Easy navigation using the controller and QuickSelect menus Picture-in-picture views of the transmitter and a zoomed-in image of aircraft can be toggled on and off Control wind speed and direction Showcases all of RealFlight’s unparalleled flight physics Single DVD 3D Flying Sites

RealFlight Basic gives modelers all of the essentials needed for an ultra-realistic R/C flight simulator experience. Along with an excellent variety of aircraft and flying sites to choose from, potential flyers will also enjoy the same flight physics that have made the full version of RealFlight the best selling sim for the past 11 years! RealFlight Basic features many aircraft and flying fields found in current versions of RealFlight G4.5 and Expansion Packs-not stripped down, low quality ones. The Basic controller is based on an actual transmitter-unlike those found on similarly priced flight sims. RealFlight Basic offers all of the fun, convenience and educational benefits of simulated R/C flying-for less!

This radio control model airplane flight simulator should not be confused with a video game or video toy, if there is such a thing. It is instead a high fidelity flight simulator designed to expose novices and wannabees to radio control flight without having to buy a real airplane and accessories. While good quality radio control models are not for the faint of heart or pocketbook, the RealFlight sim costs only about $100 and when you crash any of the dozens of RealFlight models, it costs you nothing more than the push of a button to get back into the air. The sim comes with a faux transmitter with proper controls and functions that plugs into a USB port on your computer. The models, photo-realistic flying fields and such are loaded via a single CD. Instructions are scarce, so it may take a while to learn all the controls if you are unfamiliar with RC modeling. All but one or two of the airplanes and helicopters included in the sim are actual RC models available from any reputable hobby shop. They perform, fly and sound in the sim exactly as they do in real life. Even the inevitable crashes are accompanied by very realistic and satisfying sound effects. While the sim is a learning tool for RC pilots, it is also good, clean fun and a great stress reliever. There are no points to earn, no aliens to shoot, no riddles to solve and there really is no endgame, but the very real satisfaction you feel after bringing your model back from a flight for a perfect landing is more than a fair exchange. I’d recommend this sim for anybody old enough to understand how to use the transmitter controls. I’m 60 years old, BTW, have been flying models and the real stuff most of my life, and I love it. I try to fly a couple of different airplanes very day.

For somebody who’s never flown an rc plane, a simulator is a must. Remember, the military and civilian pilots all learn on a simulator before flying the real thing. Even tanks have simulators! A simulator should be mandatory, because you will crash, guaranteed, and that first plane often becomes the last that anybody will buy. Flying an rc plane is very difficult. Just because you might know how to drive an rc car, it’s nothing compared to flying an rc plane. It’s 1000 times more difficult. This simulator will show you how hard it is. You will crash the plane at least a thousand times before you get a reasonable idea of how to fly a plane. You should fly this simulator for at least a month before buying even the most basic and cheapest flying model. Another reason why you should learn first from a simulator, is because a flying plane is dangerous when it hits somebody or some property. A flying plane going very fast is dangerous. All these recommendations aside, I will tell you just how nice this simulator is.

It’s very realistic, and each plane’s characteristics in real life are in the “sim” version. The graphic realism seems to be a tad better than G5, because this Basic runs with less programming. Since this is a basic simulator, you will wish you had more planes to choose from. The more advance simulators; the G2 and up to G5, are capable of having you download other planes to fly. I wish this basic sim had more basic planes, like the Sky Fly Mac and the micros from Parkzone, Flyzone, and Parkflyer. One big thing you don’t get in Basic is the wind. But that’s okay, because beginners should fly with no wind. G5 has the wind and turbulence that you can vary.
If you only have a hundred dollars to spend, this is the sim for you. The generation 5.5 is preferable, but it’s double the price. I think either one is worth it for the amount of real crashes it’s had you avoid. Crashing is part of learning. Even experts will crash, and a simulator puts less damage to your wallet.

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