Guillow’s Airplane Design Studio Model Kit

  • Sizes of planes vary
  • Classic balsa wood glider toy
  • Build your own gliders and motor planes
  • Guillow’s – your one source for flying toys since 1926
  • Made in the USA
Guillow’s toy airplanes have been around for over 60 years, providing millions of youngsters with fun and enjoyment and letting their imaginations soar. These planes just naturally bring a smile to anyone that throws a toy glider into the open sky. Our Design Studio lets you be creative; you are the designer. Kit comes with over 35 parts (balsa wood, plastic parts, rubber motors, etc.) to let you build your own unique toy designs over and over again. Simple to build, easy to fly and hours of fun.

Product Description

Design, build and fly a variety of balsa wood rubber band powered and free flight aircraft! Use your imagination and design it. With the over 35 parts supplied in the design kit build your airplane then take to the sky! A pylon racer, x-wing glider, prop bi-plane or monster tri-plane are just a few possibilities that can be designed , built and flown with the design kit! No glue or paint is required for assembly and the parts supplied are designed to be used over and over again for hours of fun! When your finished flying simply take apart your aircraft and place it back in the specially designed carrying case with handle. Great to take along on trips or afternoon functions.

Guillow s airplane design studio model kit1 Guillows Airplane Design Studio Model Kit