Guillow’s Fokker DR1 Triplane Laser Cut Model Kit

  • German Fokker DR-I Triplane has a 20″ wingspan
  • Precision laser cut balsa parts, scale WWI plastic wheels, full set of decals, vacuum formed plastic parts and all accessories needed
  • Fly with included rubber power motor or convert to electric or gas engine
  • Complete instructions for building either to fly or for static display
  • Made in the USA
Guillow’s is the recognized leader in quality scale balsa model airplane kits. Our model construction kits are the last word in scale realism for the super detail fan and light weight for those who build and fly. Each model is a small but faithful replica of an airplane widely known for deeds in wartime or present day popularity. Series 200 features magnificent war birds of the 1914 – 1918 era. Fighters made famous by World War 1 aces like Bishop, Richthofen and Guynemer.

Product Description

1/16 Scale. 20″ wing span. Now with LASER CUT BALSA WOOD PARTS !!! Introduced over the western front in August 1917, the Fokker Triplane soon became the favorite plane of Germanys greatest World War 1 Ace, Baron Manfield von Richthofen. After scoring numerous aerial victories, von Richthofen was shot down in a triplane on April 21, 1981 by Captain Roy Brown of the R.A.F. Skill level 2

I first built one these in the 1970′s. These kits now days have laser cut parts which is a big improvement. The balsa parts just slip right out and dont’s split and tear like in the old days. The instructions seem better also. These kits are much easier now.
Guillow s fokker dr triplane laser cut model kit1 Guillows Fokker DR1 Triplane Laser Cut Model Kit