Guillow’s Lockheed P-38 Lightning Model Kit

  • P-38 Lightning has a 40″ wingspan
  • Series 2000 kits are some of the world’s finest scale balsa model kits and contain the best quality materials and instructions
  • Designed as a large flying or Build ‘N Show display model
  • Guillow’s – your one source for model plane kits since 1926
  • Made in the USA
Guillow’s is the recognized leader in quality scale balsa model airplane kits. Our model construction kits are the last word in scale realism for the super detail fan and light weight for those who build and fly. Each model is a small but faithful replica of an airplane widely known for deeds in wartime or present day popularity. Series 2000 features some of the most popular WWII aircraft in giant scale and full detail for the adult hobbyist and collector. Some kits feature true to life action parts such as movable flying surfaces, sliding canopies, retractable landing gear and drop-able bombs.

Product Description

1:16 scale. Wingspan 40″. Giant scale Balsa wood model kit by Guillows. The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a revolutionary fighter for the time with its tricycle landing gear, twin boom and turbo-superchargers. The first models were accepted by the Army Air Force in October 1941 and, by the end of the war, nearly 10,000 had rolled from the production lines. From introduction until 1945, many modifications were made in the original design to comply with the needs of the air services. On April 18, 1943, a flight of P-38s downed Japans great naval strategist, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, while he was flying on an inspection tour of the Solomon Islands. Due to its unusual configuration, the Lightning was dubbed the ‘fork-tailed Devil’ by the Luftwaffe and ‘two airplanes with one pilot’ by the Japanese-grudging respect earned by its formidable appearance and reputation. This WWII fighter plane is truly a beautiful replica of one of the most famous of the war. 3/4″ scale with a 40″ wing span makes for a large flying or display model. For .049 to .09 engines – control line, free flight rubber powered. Many operational features such as movable control surfaces, retractable landing gear and drop-able bombs. Gorgeous decals, a beautifully formed plastic parts- truly a scale model to be proud of. For ages 14 and up.

Guillow s lockheed p lightning model kit1 Guillows Lockheed P 38 Lightning Model Kit