Hawkeye Hand Launch Glider


Wingspan: 22.6 in/575 mm
Length: 20.5 in/521 mm
Weight: 2.25 oz/63 g.
complimentary trip hand launched glider made of long lasting EPO foam.
it could strike wall surfaces and furniture lifeless on without taking any damages.

This is a Hitec HawkEye Free Flight Glider. Created of sturdy and durable EPO foam, the HawkEye is easy to put together and a breeze to fly. Offered in a hot red and bare white color pattern, the HawkEye preserves keen sight over all it evaluates.

Enjoyable for 5 to FIFTY year aged. Extremely rugged and flies well. 5 and 8 yr aged boys flew it in to asphalt, cars, fences, and it’s EPO foam construction allows it to rebound without harming the aircraft or what it hits. The airfoils obtain nicked if they struck something, but it keeps flying. Enjoyable to throw quickly or slow down.

Hawkeye hand launch glider1 Hawkeye Hand Launch Glider