Hobby Zone Champ Champ RTF Review

  • Everything you need to Teach Yourself to Fly in one box- even the batteries
  • Completely assembled and flight-ready
  • 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM® technology
  • Scale wing rib detail and steerable tail wheel
  • 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery and DC Li-Po charger included

This is a beginner’s RC plane. It was designed specifically for that purpose. I bought it for my son, who is new to RC.

It came with a defective engine, so I contaced the manufacturer and they told me to send it back. I did. They fixed it – no hassles, just good solid customer service.

Once it was fixed, it flew like a dream. This is the most forgiving, easy trainer imaginable. First, check out the manufacturer’s website and watch the few brief instructional videos. They are quite a help. The plane practically flies itself, controls are easy to handle with a low res setting for true beginners. The plane is so light that as long as you fly in a park over grass, you will probably sustain little if any crash damage.

Of course, being that light makes it suitable for only the lightest of wind. In a light breeze you can fly this into the wind and hold it virtually motionless. Also, it is three channel – throttle, rudder and elevator. No alerons, but that is perfect for a simple trainer. Also, this is such a small, light slow plane that it can be flown in smaller parks where a full size RC would not be suitable.

The battery is small but easily accessible, and lasts a good ten minutes if not flown at full throttle. This is quite simply, a great little plane.

Hobby zone champ champ rtf review1 Hobby Zone Champ Champ RTF Review