Messerschmitt ME-109 RC Ready to Fly RTF Airplane


In 1934, Professor Willi Messerschmitt created what was to become one of the most famous aircraft of all time, the Bf109! The German fighter plane that dominated the opening rounds of WWII is symbolized by the Messerschmitt 109 series. While there were many versions of the 109, it was the E-type that established the Messerschmitt’s reputation right through to the last stages of the war. The combination of excellent control and agility in the hands of experienced fliers allows the Messerschmitt to easily execute stunt maneuvers 4 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron,Elevator,Rudder,Throttle) Full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are possible Constructed with Super Tough, lightweight EPO material! Perfect appearance and emulation (Scale appearance, great attention has been given to details) True Classic Trainer of All Time! Decorative Waterslide Decals! Easy to Build & Endless Fun to Fly! Perfect Low-Wing Trainer! Rudder helps steer plane on ground on its scale landing gear for easy take off Ready to Fly in Just Minutes! 90% ASSEMBLED Super easy and super stable electric powered scale R/C park flyer for beginner or middle-level users Stable inverted flight fuselage with pre-installed Electronics, Motor, Servos, and Speed Controller Super stable for beginner, Super low speed for safety, Super low altitude for fun Fabricated by accurate molds with high fidelity of real airplane Powerful 370 motor with expert-designed propellers and hi-capacity Ni-MH battery pack Excellent stability and aerobatic capability Digital Proportional Motor Speed Control Super low speed for safety, Super low altitude for fun Crash Resistant Construction Easy to Fly, Easy to Control, Super stable for beginner Slow Speed Flying Capable, Good for Beginner Suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots

Messerschmitt me rc ready to fly rtf airplane1 Messerschmitt ME 109 RC Ready to Fly RTF Airplane