Minicraft Models Cessna 172 Floatplane 1/48 Scale

  • Includes rotating propeller
  • Detailed 4 cylinder engine
  • Includes detailed interior
  • Colorful striping and civilian registration decals
  • Illustrated assembly instructions
The Cessna 172 is a larger more powerful 4 passenger Cessna compared to the Classic 2 passenger Cessna 150. Again the Cessna general aviation airplanes are among the best-recognized private aircrafts ever. With over 19,000 Cessna 172′s produced, the Cessna 172 can be seen the world over. This plastic assembly kit features engraved surface detail, recessed panel lines and floats. Floats are used on many small airplanes for use off lakes and water bodies were improved landing strips is not available.

Product Description

1-48 Scale. Highly detailed kit with recessed panel lines, wingspan measures 9 1/2 inches long when complete! Decals for 5 countries.

HARD to rate a “model” until you actually assemble it BUT based on the appearance of the sprues and packaging if the assembling is as first class as those two items it would deserve a “5″
Minicraft models cessna floatplane scale1 Minicraft Models Cessna 172 Floatplane 1/48 Scale