My Little Pony RC Rainbow Dash Plane

  • Rainbow Dash fun and colorful remote control airplane
  • Plane moves forward and spins
  • Remote control plays sounds
  • Rainbow dash pony figure comes with scarf accessory.
  • Ages 3+

RAINBOW DASH is the glamour girl of PONYVILLE! All her friends come to her for advice on fun, fashion and ways to look their very best!

“Take off” for fun and adventure with this speedy RC RAINBOW DASH PLANE vehicle! Put your RAINBOW DASH pony figure in the driver’s seat of this pretty pink plane and use your remote control to send her zipping and zooming all across the ground. With one button to send the plane forward, one button to send it twirling around and another button to push for sounds, this remote control is your ticket for fun. And, even though your little pilot pony figure never really leaves the ground, you can tell she’s riding high!

We loved this so much we bought one for our daughter and for both of our neices. It includes two pony’s, and the remote has a really good signal so it can “fly” from a good distance. Of course, it really doesn’t fly, it drives slowly icon smile My Little Pony RC Rainbow Dash Plane But our daughter loves it! It has cute noises “vroom vroom vroom” etc….
My little pony rc rainbow dash plane1 My Little Pony RC Rainbow Dash Plane