P-47D Thunderbolt BNF Review

Great war plane. Most are usually hard to fly and land but this one is fantastic. Well worth the price. Easy assembly and flying.
The P-47 is a lot of fun to use and flies like a breeze. This was my first “big” plane after having the Micro T-28 and it was a great step up. Easy to control in the air, stable, and it has some nice power. I’d recommend adding the optional flaps because it makes it so much more fun to land.
This is my second plane from ParkZone(other is the Sukhoi) and the P-47D is a great plane. I have a few other cheap foamies (Hawk Sky and Waco Biplane) and the difference in flying this is huge. There is no vibration and the plane flies perfectly straight and predictable. I did end up swapping out the receiver with my AR6200 as I received interference from the included AR600 receiver. My first three flights were at a place where I have a limited runway and I have to come in somewhat steep so the landings were a bit fast. I ordered the flap servos which should help with a slower landing and quicker take off. Highly recommend this plane!!
P d thunderbolt bnf review1 P 47D Thunderbolt BNF Review