Parkzone Replacement Airframe P-51 Mustang Bl

  • Replacement parts for the Airframe P-51 Mustang Bl
  • Includes the fuselage, wing, tail, pushrods, cowl, prop and spinner
  • Electronics not included

Includes: Fuselage (painted), Wing, Tail, Pushrods, Cowl, Prop and Spinner. Does NOT include any electronics (motor, servos, esc, battery)

This is a replacement for my 2 year old original airframe. Not an educational toy, & not recommended for beginners. the PKZ P51D air frame is an excellent flyer, highly maneuverable and aerobatic. I never have used the stock motor, but currently use a L3010B 1300kv alternate that works exceptionally well with the airframe and a standard 1300mah 3S lipo battery.
I ordered this replacement fuselage and just added electronics I already had lying around.Really impressed by the way this plane flies and the durability, as some of my skid landings have been short of perfect. Easy to assemble, even though I used hardware not engineered specifically for the plane. Highly recommended if you are looking for a small durable warbird.
Parkzone replacement airframe p mustang bl1 Parkzone Replacement Airframe P 51 Mustang Bl