Parkzone Ultra Micro F4U Corsair BNF PKZU1680


Replacing the overtaxed and under sized 3-blade with a 130×70 2-blade helps with the first problem in my review title, but not the second. Once trimmed up, the plane is fundamentally stable in roll but not pitch, making it too inconsistent to fly enjoyably across a range of airspeeds in sport mode. The plane is too underpowered to fly in any other mode, which doesn’t leave a lot of options. You’ll need to move the aileron pushrods closer to the control surface to get more throw, the plane struggles to complete an aileron roll as set-up by PZ.

Rudder deflection is very effective, but the influence of the vertical stabilizer on straight line yaw stability is pretty low. I need full right rudder to takeoff but not to counter high throttle/low speed torque in the air, probably a wheel friction differential.

Even through the plane is heavy for a UM, wind is not an option due to the plane’s power-to-weight deficiency.

The cheap Rx has discrete aileron servo plug-ins, but the internal electronics are a Y connection instead of 5 ch, eliminating the possibility of differential, spoiler, or flap movement.

The main reduction gear stripped 4.5 minutes into my very first endurance test – timing how long it took to reach LVC at 50% throttle on the ground. Grazing an exposed aileron servo on landing killed one of the cheap exposed PCB aileron servos on flight 2. PZ’s UM parts bin is of embarrassingly low quality. They want to treat the UM series as semi-disposble, yet the price is on par with full size foam RTF.

Buy a different Corsair. 20-40 inch cheap foam Corsair RTFs look as good and sell for less. More at [...] I gave it 1 star because it has great shelf appeal and Amazon doesn’t allow 0.

Parkzone ultra micro f u corsair bnf pkzu1 Parkzone Ultra Micro F4U Corsair BNF PKZU1680