Pico J-3 Stick Slow Flyer ARF Review


The ultimate in slow-flight simplicity and fun!

I have built a lot of J-3 CUB airplanes ! This one is very light and will fly outdoors in quiet wind , or indoor. The unit is yellow and is a similar looking wing and stable!

This is the GWS EP easy build ARF Slow Stick Park Flyer with the EPS400C power system. For Beginner to Intermediate Modeler/Flyers. FEATURES Fuselage Aluminum channel Wings One-piece foam construction Landing gear Pre-bent one piece wire with two 76.2mm diameter wheels and one 25.4mm diameter tail wheel and tail skid wire. Hardware All necessary hardware included Motor and gearbox with preinstalled plastic mount Can be constructed with a removable tail also as a glider Specifications Length 954 mm (37.6 in) Wing Span 1176 mm (46.3 in) Wing Area 32.64 dm (505.9 sq in) Flying Weight 405 440 g (14.3 15.5 oz) Wing Loading 12.4 13.5 g/dm (4 4.4 oz/sq.ft)

First of all I am an experienced R/C flyer but I ordered this plane because it is a well known easy to fly plane. I deviated from the standard assembly by putting a 2200 Mah Lipo as close to the motor as possible with a 20 amp brushed speed controller and the 10/6 prop. This combination could not be used with the 300 series motor as it is too much power for them to handle. After balancing the CG at 100 MM from the front of the wing, it flew perfectly in the light wind. Just like the hundreds of people who flew this plane on You Tube and other internet sites, this was an enjoyable flyer in the park next to our home. If you are a beginner please Google the Slow Stick in that search engine and read the tips by other R/C flyers. These are too numerous to post here but well worth your time for their instructive advice. Amazon gave me fast and safe service when I ordered the plane through them. The 400c/BB was a more powerful motor than the 300 series motor. Be sure to put a drop of light weight oil on the front and rear of the bearing making sure no oil gets into the brush area.

Pico j stick slow flyer arf review1 Pico J 3 Stick Slow Flyer ARF Review