RC plane-Hobby Zone HBZ4800 Mini Super Cub RTF

  • Remote control plane with anti-crash technology
  • Three channel, 1300 foot range FM transmitter
  • Includes battery charger and AC adapter
  • Fuselage is made of a lightweight Z-foam
  • Comes with flying DVD and assembly instructions
  • I learned on the Mini Super Cub. It is a great little plane which is easy for a first-timer to handle. Hand-launches are easier than takeoff rolls. But the plane is so light, and the wing is a somewhat flexible, so wind needs a few mph or less, preferable calm to fly it. Otherwise, it really gets bounced around and is easily crashed or lost.

    The included radio teaches you to throttle-back by being spring-loaded to the throttle off position (which is oddly halfway up). This is a great lesson since many beginners leave the throttle too high on their first flight causing too much speed, altitude or a crash. But it is a non-standard feature on a trainer, and it gets tiresome to have to push the plane along at all times.

    As a 3-channel plane there are no ailerons, only rudder, elevator, and throttle. The rudder is controlled by the right stick, which is also non-standard and arguably, a bad way to learn.

    The battery is weak, but glides are easy. If you get a second battery, and you’ll want one, get the full sized Cub battery. It fits nicely in the Mini’s battery compartment if you pop off the door. The battery door sometimes opens in flight, anyway, so it is ok to remove it. Either battery is held firmly by the Velcro strap. Weight is no issue and you can use the Mini’s included charger for either battery:

  • A good overall 3 channel beginners plane. If you move to 4 channel (w/ alerons) you will need to relearn controls, but by then you will be better able to handle basic control issues. I still fly mine, and have many, many hours on it (on my second motor).

    The good: durable foam construction is difficult to damage and easy to repair. Wing attaches with a rubber band system (make sure it is on straight – otherwise it is helpful during those initial beginner crashes). Battery charger is included and works both AC and auto lighter jack hookup. Battery doesn’t last too long, but is cheap and you can buy extras. The battery hook up is in a convenient location and doesn’t fall out if the door is closed correctly. Despite its size it can handle a moderate wind. Hand launches well. While not a micro, it is still small enough to fly in a medium sized park. The engine and/or propellor shaft are easily and inexpensively replaced (the engine will wear out; the propellor shaft can bend in a bad crash). Real trim adjustment wheels on the elevator and rudder instead of bendable wire loops like other trainers.

    The (not so) bad: The wing is coated with plastic, which makes for better reinforcement/durability than unreinforced foam. However, the seam is on the leading edge of the wing, and over time the wind causes it to delaminate and you get separation. This results in small “parachutes” forming between the plastic and the wing. If you suddenly experience odd flight characteristics, check to see if the plastic material has come away. A fold of celophane tape running the length of the leading edge of the wing solves the problem better than glue. The wheels are too small for landings/takeoffs on material rougher than concrete (such as dirt runways). You can do a “bush pilot” modification and buy some larger wheels at the local hobby store (1.5 or 2″ works well). Finally, the ACT is a useless gimmick. It is ineffective close to the ground, where most newbie crashes occur. At altitude, it is a nuisance – shutting off control every time you bank. Fortunately, it is easily switched off by pressing down on the right joystick until the light blinks. The point is, buy it because it is a well built basic trainer, not because of the ACT.

    Overall, a very nice beginner’s second plane, or plane for a beginner with a large open space to learn in. However, for a pure beginner or a beginner leaning is a smaller park, in my opinion the Champ is a better trainer.

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