RC Plane-Why Fly Electric RC Planes


Electric RC Planes are great for the novice RC Plane flyer, someone who’s looking to start getting into the hobby of flying RC Planes. So one of the main factors is; electric RC Planes are cheaper and usually made with beginner flyers in mind, so they come with easily replaceable parts and an electric engine is cheaper than an internal combustion engine. Electric engine also have less moving parts and are much easier to maintain than internal combustion engines which require oiling and can be temperamental and a messy job to look after. Where as an electric engine will almost always start up and give you consistent power.

With internal combustion engines you will also notice that they make a lot of noise and this could be a reason why you can’t fly your plane as often, due to people complaining. Internal combustion engines work by having controlled explosions swiftly taking place within the engine. Flying clubs can often lose their license due to the noise level created by such engines. With an electric engine powered RC plane, there is far less noise and you can fly without worrying about complaints. You can even fly an electric plane in a spacious in-door hall.

As mentioned earlier, electric engines have fewer moving parts and this is also another plus point for electric engine powered RC planes. As for internal combustion engines, they cause vibration which can disturb the flight path of a plane, these such planes have to undergo further design to make sure they can withstand the vibrations and their effects.

When it comes to the amount of power produced by both engines, the electric engine is definitely the winner for producing constant high power. This makes it a far more efficient engine. Electric engines are easier to install without the need of other parts such as clutches which would be required to run an internal combustion engine. This makes the electric engine great for use on any type of RC plane.

On the whole, the electric RC plane engine is a excellent choice of engines to have on you RC Plane and can help you start a flying as a hobby without the need to spend hours trying to get the plane to start.

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