Snap&Fly – 3-in-1 Ready to Fly Airplane System

  • Voted “Most Unique” Product in the 2010 Backyard Flyer Buyers Guide
  • Includes biplane, v-tail, and canard planes which connect to “base module” using magnets
  • Base module houses entire power system including motor, propeller, receiver, and actuators
  • Each kit is 100% RTF and contains replacement parts
  • Comes in an organized carrying case with a handle–no need to worry about damage during transport

The Snap&Fly system is a 3-in-1 modular airplane kit that is based around a single “base module” which holds the motor, propeller, receiver, and actuators. This base module “snaps” on to any one of the three included 3-channel plane modules using magnets, and can easily be removed and snapped on to the other planes. Even the push rods for the control surfaces inside each plane module connect to the base unit using magnets. The planes are powered using a single-cell 85mAh lipo which have magnetic terminals so that the battery just “snaps” into the base module. Best of all, the kit includes it’s own 6-channel 900mHz radio with preset mixing settings for each plane (powered using four AA batteries) which also serves as the charger for the 85mAh lipos. Each battery takes about ten minutes to charge and gets about ten minutes of run time. These are perfect for flying large indoor spaces or outdoors on calm days. Because the system is modular, your Snap&Fly collection can easily be expanded and intercharged with virtually no effort once other planes or accessories are introduced. The each 3-in-1 kit includes one base module, one v-tail plane module, one bi-plane module, one canard plane moduel, three 3.7 volt 85mAh lipos, one replacement motor, one replacement propeller, and one replacement motor mount. The box also seconds as a carrying case with a handle. All of these parts can be purchased separately, even the individual components that make up the base module. Single plane kits are also available for those who’d like to try out the system, or for those who are only interested in one style of plane.

Snap fly in ready to fly airplane system1 Snap&Fly   3 in 1 Ready to Fly Airplane System