Super Sonic RC Model Airplane Review

  • Full Function Radio Controlled
  • Lightweight Airframe
  • All Molded Plastic and Foam Construction
  • Ingenious Thrust Vector Controls
  • Color may vary
Please spare yourself the misery and disappointment of buying this airplane and expecting it to fly.Your hopes of any fun are instantly dashed as you open the box.This airplane…I wish to dispute it’s claim of “Power” as it will never fly under it’s own.Flight time is reduced from a claim of over 10 minutes to a solid “0″ minutes.So is the fun factor.As it sits in front of you on the ground trying to run more than 1 minute on a full charge,frantically paddling air to move itself,you realize that it will never be more than a abomination and embarassment to the Wright brothers,and their legacy of making flight history.Throwing it {Hand launching it} will not help,only prolonging the inevitable. The shame I feel,I wish on nobody,save yourself-Do not under any circumstances purchase this plane and expect anything but heartache and regret.For your own good you should heed this warning or you will suffer my fate.My Model 9399 is currently deposited in Pierson TWP. Landfill.Imported from china,all the way to an American dump for the next 165,000 years.

Super sonic rc model airplane review1 Super Sonic RC Model Airplane Review