Testors Aircraft Spraying Acrylics Paint

  • models and airbrush not included
  • Light Ghost Gray or Dark Ghost Gray
  • Neutral Gray or Gunship Gray
  • Gloss Dark Blue or Olive Drab
  • Dark Green or Dark Tan
  • And Flat Black

Acrylic Military Aircraft set. Ready to spray, Water wash up, Non- toxic. Take home and enjoy yet another great product by Aztek.

The packaging wasn’t much but it was all that was needed for paints. The paints themselves where well mixed upon opening the box. I’ve used them both with an airbrush and also with a paintbrush, even though they’re meant for airbrush only. Either way the paint performs really well.
Testors aircraft spraying acrylics paint1 Testors Aircraft Spraying Acrylics Paint