The Avengers Radio Control Quinjet Plane


Take to the skies just like the Avengers and bring the fight to your enemies in the Quinjet.The Avengers Radio Control Quinjet Plane features:Full Function radio control jetPrecision speed control and excellent flight stabilityEasy to operate and controlTri-band system prevents signal interference

  • Marvel The AvengersÂTM? Infrared Remote Control Quinjet features:The Quinjet is the primary transportation of The AvengersÂTM.
  • Moves forward and turns via wireless remote with voice, lights and sound effects.Perform 360spins using the wireless infrared remote control.SFX and Special Action button.Approx. 11 inches long
  • Batteries included for TRY ME demonstration only. Battery life may be impaired.
  • Replacewith new batteries (not included) for full function play.

The avengers radio control quinjet plane1 The Avengers Radio Control Quinjet Plane