The Ultimate Weapon! 12 CH 2.4GHz BlitzRCWorks F/A-18F


Feature: 12 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, Retract, Thrust Vectoring, Airbrake Flaps) Our extensive research and testing insures this F/A-18F to have exceptional thrust to weight ratio for optimal flight performance! Twin 70mm EDF High quality aluminum light-weight screw retracts Functional Mechanical Folding Wings Functional Mechanical Canopy Opening Top of the line EDF jet in the market Quality electronics and servos Scale nightflight LED lights Dual 360 thrust vectoring nozzles Amazing alpha maneuvers! Functional Airbrake Flaps Super scale, strong and durable threaded rotary shaft driven retract system (no more stripping servos) Scale pilot Specification: Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2 in) Length: 1500mm (59 in) Flying Weight: 2750g (97 oz) Drive System: 2x 2100KV Outrunner Brushless Motors EDF Diameter: 2x 70mm Servo: 15X 9g high speed micro servos Retract: Threaded rotary shaft driven Canopy Opening: Threaded rotary shaft driven ESC: 2x 50A Brushless speed controller w/ 5A BEC Battery: 22.2V 6S 4000mAh 25C Li-Polymer (2x 11.1V 3S 4000mAh 25C) Package Include: Airplane (90% assembled) Pilot Figure English Manual CANOPY DESOGN SENT AT RANDOM- JOLLY ROGERS, DIAMOND VIPER OR BOUNTY HUNTER

WTF is it with these sellers on here trying to sell banana Hobby/BlitzRCWorks EDF jets for almost three times the price??? bananahobby sells this as an ARF (Almost Ready To Fly) for about $350-$375. You can buy the BlitzRCWorks 12-channel transmitter with receiver for $90-$120 and then you could spend up to $150 for a battery but can also spend around $85 for a still very good battery. Also, bananahobby has a Li-Po charger that can charge four batteries (simultaneously) of various types and sizes for under $100. So at the very least this item is listed for double the cost. You people should be ashamed of your greediness. Amazon should have a Price Gouge Policy with their sellers.
This item is a 12 channel edf capable of up to 12 channels but can be flown on 6 channel and up to the full 12 channels. It does require at least 9 channels to use the retracts and the 360 degree vectoring capability If you happen to have a Hitec Aurora 9 channel Radio as I do you can have a lot of fun with this unit.

If you buy from banana you can specify the color scheme you want. Personally i don’t have one yet, BUT i have a friend who does and he let me play with it at our local club. I am in the process of buying the F-22 Raptor from same maker. These jets will fly great but don’t buy the BlitzRCWorks 12ch Radio since it’s a $50.00 addition to the $479.90 price and my friend says he almost lost the plane when it lost signal from the radio. Now he Flies with a Futaba 8FG which now has 14 channels (check futaba site for details).
NOT to flame the seller but the price he wants is OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH at more than 2.4 times the cost at other websites.

The ultimate weapon ch ghz blitzrcworks f a f1 The Ultimate Weapon! 12 CH 2.4GHz BlitzRCWorks F/A 18F