Ultra-Micro P-51D Mustang BNF with AS3X

  • Transmitter Not Included
  • ParkZone® DSM2®/DSMX® receiver/ESC/AS3X® unit installed
  • Includes 1S 150mAh 25C Li-Po battery and 1-cell DC charger
  • 8.5mm brushed motor
  • Realistic 334th Fighter Squadron trim scheme, Clear canopy with pilot figure, Gun, exhaust and instrument panel details and 4-bladed prop

The ParkZone® Ultra Micro Series P-51D Mustang includes unrivaled detail and AS3X® stabilization technology to provide the best possible flying experience with a ultra micro P-51 Mustang!

First, the positives of Ultra Micros (by Parkzone/Hobbyzone) in general (this is my 3rd):
– Great value for money. Combined with the recently integrated A3X stabilization system, the current generation of Ultra Micros by Parkzone/Hobbyzone have proven incredibly capable with peerless performance given their size. The Ultra Micros’ relatively inexpensive price tags allow what was once a prohibitively costly hobby to be affordable to a much broader range of people, while also helping to ensure that any accidents are semi-pain free.
– Awesome performance. While Ultra Micros have typically been fun to fly – docile for those just starting or challenging for more advanced pilots – the addition of the A3X system has made them better than ever.
– Little space needed to fly. This point is key, as often people forget how much space is needed to fly larger RC planes, especially when noise restrictions are taken into account. The small size of the Ultra Micros, combined with their maneuverability and incredible thrust-to-weight ratios (the planes themselves weigh almost nothing, ensuring huge amounts of lift), means they can fly nearly anywhere – even indoors (in a large warehouse of basketball gym, for example). They are also incredibly quiet, which is nice as far as minimizing disturbance to to others (and their complaints to you)
– Forgiving. These planes, weighing very little and being built out of crash-resistant foam, can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. I’ve cartwheeled, lawndarted, kamikazied, the lot, and all but for once my Ultra Micros have survived with very little damage – usually a piece of Scotch tape did the trick. And again, because of their low pricing, if you do fatally trash one, the cost of replacement is much easier to swallow. Further, their minimal weight also makes landings much simpler when starting out – their stall speeds are so slow, you can almost “float” them in.

Now, the specific positives of the UM P-51D w/ A3X. First, this plane is incredibly dynamic. When you first get it into the air, basic turning and throttle control is simple yet engaging (I was a bit rusty flying RC planes). But once you’ve got down the basics over several flights, you can really push the performance envelop, and, my God, does this plane respond. Loops, barrel rolls, inversion – it does it all.

Most incredibly, though, and again in large part because of its small size, I’ve had dogfights with multiple Swallows. These interactions with nature – along with viewing this beautifully detailed plane against evening skies – entirely justified the cost of this plane alone.

One such flight, in the early morning here in Jackson, Wyoming, was like watching a World War II dogfight unfolding in front of me…yet I was a part of it. The three Sparrows were no longer birds, but rather hardened German pilots flying Messerschmitt ME-109s. No longer was I in the skies of 2013 Wyoming, but, rather, I was flying above 1945 Germany.

Ultra micro p d mustang bnf with as x1 Ultra Micro P 51D Mustang BNF with AS3X